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Open Source Solutions
`Open source's refers to the general practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's sources. With the phenomenal increase in interactive communities and their direct involvement with the Internet, open source solutions are becoming the most prominent face of open source.

SHRI SYSTEMS provides software and services based on open-source software packages. Linux operating system and Apache web server, which enjoy widespread appeal, are the best-known examples of open source software. Even the educational community is pooling resources for creating application software such as virtual learning environments that are tailored to their needs.

We specialize in developing Java applications for the Internet, Intranet and the desktop that are built from open-source components
. Our open source solutions do not just mean access to the source code. Distribution terms of our open source solutions comply with criteria such as free redistribution, source code, integrity of author's source code, no discrimination, distribution of license etc.

Our open source solutions help you take the most from your IT budget, and enable you to sniff out and respond to changes in the business environment at the right time. SHRI SYSTEMS has the technology and talented professionals who are capable of designing and implementing the IT infrastructure, using market-leading technologies that make you more competitive.

          Network, Web and Office Server support
          Storage solutions
          Software development
          Supporting existing popular Open Source products such as MySQL, pache etc

Whether you are a business enterprise, government, or an educational enterprise, we can develop the right open source solutions that make a positive difference to you.

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