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Wireless Solutions
   A new breed of web-enabled cell phones, personal digital assistants, and underlying standards such as the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) have made possible the delivery of a wide range of new and existing Net-based services to mobile users. These services provide immense potential to expand your brand and e-Business capabilities to reach new and existing customers. Our software developers have the skills and experience necessary to help you develop wireless applications especially tailored for delivery over both IP and telephone networks
Business Models
  Shri Systems offers innovative business models that are flexible to meet your specific requirements. You can choose any one of the business models or a combination of any of them for the different phases of your project. To offer flexible and cost effective solutions to its customers, we offer the following business models:
On-Site Model
Offshore Model
Dedicated Development
Center Model
On-Site Model
   As we closely work with our clients, we never leave anything to chance. We coordinately effective and ensure that the right professionals are deployed to handled the tasks concerned. Our team is highly motivated and thrives to the fullest of its potential to ensure you are satisfied on all fronts when you deal with us. Our professionals have certifications from leading corporations such as Redhat, Microsoft etc, and bring in their vast experience across a number of domains.
Ready to use infrastructure
Access to a large and diverse pool of expertise
Leverage on high quality software processes
Leverage on project management capabilities
Exploit time zone advantage
Dedicated software team with long-term focus.
Customer retention strategies etc.
Contact us <mailto:info@shrisystems.com> to know more about our prowess in software development and how you can benefit from the same.